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Services cleaning home and commercial

We help you evaluate your cleaning needs and advise you on certain routines that are consistent with the use of the space and your needs.


We create a clean, healthy work and home environment tailored for your needs.

We give a new and fresh life to your home, at the best price.

Our cleaning service includes

bedrooms and living rooms

dust is removed from all surfaces, floors, glass fixtures, mirrors and windows are cleaned


total washing and disinfection, toilet, bathtub, shower and sink, floors and walls are cleaned, all accessories and mirrors


Dust is removed and all accessible surfaces are disinfected, the refrigerator is emptied and the dishwasher is loaded, the exterior of the stove, oven, refrigerator and cabinets are cleaned, and all floors are cleaned and sanitized.

If your flooring experiences a lot of foot traffic, it is likely that it has developed some marks and scratches over time. These imperfections cause the flooring to look dull and worn out. When you have a worn out floor, you’ll have to consider replacing it, which again can get expensive. Instead, having your floor stripped and waxed regularly will help prevent any permanent scratches, marks, and other imperfections from forming.

we provide our services for






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